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Your DMCS Hospital Passport and Emergency card will help break down barriers to communication at your most vulnerable time


DMCS will continue to aid the Deaf community to have a good quality of life through improved communication with hospital staff, GPs, ambulance workers and other medical staff, removing barriers along the way where possible. 


"My team and I feel the HPs and ECs will make a positive difference for Deaf patients accessing services in an emergency"

Michelle Acquah - Patient Experience Facilitator 
Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust

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"It is so important to have the hospital passport and emergency cards to show in an emergency situation like going to hospital. It also explains that you need access to a BSL interpreter.
It also has basic sign language in it so the doctors and nurses can communicate with you - such as what you like to eat and drink.

I remember needing to tell the doctors about the medication I was taking and I couldn't communicate with them.
So all I have to do, is show them the hospital passport for them to see for themselves.
It's so important for the deaf community and I still use mine and will continue to use it in the future".

Deaf client - IK


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"My mother was taken ill and needed to go to the hospital.
The ambulance crew had never seen a card like this
one before and were very impressed!
All the information that they required was on the card and they were able to complete all the relevant forms without asking any questions.
The crew commented on how amazing it was to have all the necessary information to hand and how quickly they were able to access everything they needed, without having to ask the patient.
The card contains a photo, name, address, dob, next of kin details, medication my mother is taking, as well as the telephone number of an interpreting agency. The doctor at the hospital reported the card to be ‘brilliant’, adding that more people should have one, as it would save medical staff a great deal of time trying to access information from the patient when they needed to administer medical attention."

Interpreter - BA


"There can be so many misunderstandings and breakdowns in communication with doctors and nurses in a hospital setting. So having all the information in the hospital passport and emergency card is great.

It has everything in there that I need doctors to know about such as details about my asthma, names of all the
medication I am taking, any illnesses I have, the problems I have walking.
It is so important to have this and so easy to use and understand. It really is fantastic.
Everything you need is right there in the passport and the emergency card. I am very happy to have mine".

Deaf client - AB


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"The hospital passport and emergency card are really useful to have with you in case of an emergency when you
are out travelling anywhere. It helps doctors and medical staff understand what has happened. I would
recommend other deaf friends and family to have a hospital passport and emergency card. I would tell them to
take it everywhere with them in case something happens when they are out and about. I definitely feel more
confident having the emergency card with me when I am at work or travelling."

Deaf client - BF


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We are grateful to London Community Response for supporting us, as we continue to support the Deaf community during their most vulnerable moments.

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