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Train Together

Train Together

Families who train together stay together


This short course is for those families who have a Deaf family member that they really want to communicate in sign language with.   Even if you are multilingual we can help you.  You can learn British Sign Language in the comfort of your own home with a maximum of 4 people.


Your tutor will be a profoundly Deaf person who is a native BSL user.  At your initial meeting we will provide you with a Communication Support Worker (CSW) to help you communicate with our Deaf person.


There are six 90mins sessions

  1. Getting to know you & finger spelling
  2. Experience and awareness
  3. Access the world around you
  4. Read my face
  5. Relationships and mental health
  6. Future plans


Upon request we provide you with bespoke sessions.



All our staff are DBS checked and DMCS operate a Lone Working Policy


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